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Թ : FW-PVR732
PVR-732 7 inch Built-in Battery Dual 32CH 5.8G Diversity receiverswith Recorder
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Ҥ 8,500.00   ԺС


                                 7"Built-in Battery Dual 32CH 5.8G Diversity receivers

32 Channel


This DVR is the ideal choice for security & protection, evidence & investigation, like police, household, sports, automotive industry, 
shops, etc.. At the same time, with its stylish and high-end appearance,  it also becomes the fashion choice of leisure goods
﹥Power off  Without Video Lost                    ﹥Photo Function: It Can Take, Review & Store Pictures
﹥Seamless Continuous Record:No Intermittent Recording, it will not Miss any  Detail and Wonderfulness    
    D1(720×576),VGA(640×480)QVGA(320×240),Higher Resolution,Bigger File.
﹥Cycle Recording
    Overwrite: It supports loop recording, which can automatically overwrite   
   when storage is full;TF card life is longer than normal DVR with unique algorithm
﹥Motion Detection
    Motion Detection Available : Record Only when there is movement
﹥Motion detection sensitivity
    It is adjustable according to the situation
﹥Day Label
    Optional to show the day label when video recording
﹥Voice Record
     Voice record is optional when video recording

Feature                                                                                       Application                                                        

1. No Blue Screen                                                                              1.Wireless FPV
2.  FPV Portable DVR                                                                         2.Baby Monitor
3.  TF Card Support up to 32G                                                          3.Wireless Visual Reversing Camera Transmission
4.  High Video Quality                                                                        4.DVD/DVB AV Wreless Transfer
5.  Speaker                                                                                       5.Engineering Construction Monitor
6.  Receiving Sensitivity:-90dBm                                                       6.Wireless Video Leisure Goods
7.  Frequency Control:built-in Frequency and Phase Lock Loop        7.Wireless Camera Security System
8.  Support Wired & Wireless Camera, Photo Function,                     8.Wireless Video Medical Apparatus
9. Motion Detection, Cycle Recording                                                9.Wireless Doorbell 


 Model  PVR-732
 Brightness    500cd/m²
 Resolution  1024x600 Pixels
 Contrast    700:1
 Aspect Ratio    16:9
 Backlight     LED
 video Format   PAL-4.43,NTSC-3.58
 Viewing Angle  75°/75°(L/R)75°/75°(U/D)
 Input Signals  Video\Audio \RF \HDMI
 Output Signals  VIDEO,3.5mm Earphone Jack
 Input Voltage   DC:9~18V
Power Consumption   ≦13W
 Built-in Battery  7.4v/2200mA(2hours)
 Working Temperature   ‐20~50℃
 Storage Temperature  ‐30~65℃
 Install Way  Includes a standard 1/4-20 tripod mounting hole on 
the bottom for simple use in your ground station!
 Size   188.4L x 134W x29.2H mm
 Weight  500g
  TF Card Max up to  32G
 Resolution  D1(720X576),VGA(640X480)QVGA(320X240)
Video,Format  DVD Record Video Format AVI


Series No.  Accessories Picture Quantity 
 1 Power    x1
 2  Sun Shade    x1


 4 Built-in Battery    x1
 5 Manual   x1





















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