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 DJI Osmo Pocket Թ ʹԡѺ

  Mid Year Sale  FMS Model ҤŴҡԡѺ

OSMO Action ԹҾ

Թ : DJI-DT7-DR16
DJI DT7 & DR16 RC System 
ʶҹԹ : ԹҾ
Ҥ 5,200.00   ԺС


a total solution for hobbyists

Works perfectly with DJI flight control systems requiring only a single D-Bus cable, and provides two switches and a gimbal pitch control slider. Combined with a Naza-M flight control system, Flame Wheel series flight platform and an H3-2D gimbal, it creates the best total solution for hobbyists.

a total solution for hobbyists

entry level remote control

The best choice for an entry level remote control. Simple, practical and equipped with spring centered sticks that centers when released, putting your aircraft into hover automatically. It needs just 4 AA batteries.

entry level remote control

DR16 D-Bus receiver

Safe and easy to install, the DR16 D-Bus receiver supports up to 16 channels.

DR16 D-Bus receiver

DJI Enhanced Spread Spectrum Technology

An effective control distance of up to 1000m can be achieved using a 2.4Ghz RF DESST, DJIs latest Enhanced Spread Spectrum Technology, and 2.4GHz ISM band wireless remote control technology. These frequency hopping and spread spectrum technologies resist interference, allowing multiple remote controllers to work at the same time while providing reliable remote communications.

DJI Enhanced Spread Spectrum Technology
DT7 & DR16 Specifications
Operating Frequency 2.4GHz ISM
Communication Distance(open area) 1000m
Remote Controller
General 2-stick,7-channel
Working Current 100mA@6V
Battery Required 4 AA Batteries
DJI Receiver 16
General 2.4GHz D-BUS System
Receiving Sensitivity(1%PER) -97dBm
Working Current 145mA@5V
Power Supply 4~8.4V
Size 41mmX29mmX5mm
Weight 10g
















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